Aquarius zodiac love compatibility

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

For you, Aquarius, life is about movement and being free to enjoy things, it's important for you to be able to find someone who understands you and your needs. Want more information on Aquarius? Check out 15 interesting facts on Aquarius. Will Aquarius find love today?

Aquarius horoscope today reveals everything you must know! Dear Aquarius friends, click on the zodiac sign you are crushing on and discover if you are compatible in love or not.

Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius

Are you in love with an Aquarius? Here's how to attract an Aquarius man. What does have in store for you? Aquarius horoscope reveals all the important secrets! Learn more about Aquarius with 15 facts about Aquarius. In a relationship, their independence can prove difficult to find a middle ground.

At the same time, if Aries focuses on not getting jealous when Aquarius spends a lot of time outside of the house, they can benefit from non-conformity. Aries and Aquarius make a life together easily when surrounded by a group of friends. Aquarius people are very flexible and will help counter-balance Aries' dominant and possessive side.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

If this duo are well supported by their friends and family, they could have a really successful relationship. These two signs face difficulty trying to get along in their relationship because they really are very different.

Leo & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

The root of the problem is that Taurus is possessive, while Aquarius boasts their independence loudly. Aquarius is passionate and focused on the future which is why they have trouble reassuring the stable Taurus. Taurus isn't prepared to change up their habits or their views just to please someone else. In short, Taurus and Aquarius imagine different futures and their goals are just incompatible.

What Signs Do Aquarius Attract?

This duo is better suited for work, not in love. These two Air signs love intellectual banter and have plenty of things in common. Aquarius and Gemini are more intellectual than sensual and love spending their time debating and sharing their ideas. At work, Gemini and Aquarius make a good team and their communication really is solid and they respect the need for freedom.

Best Matches

If one of them starts to walk away from the relationship, strong communication will help bring them back. This duo gets along better in a professional setting or friendship than an intimate relationship. Cancer and Aquarius will discover they have a strong understanding of each other very quickly. Aquarius will be attracted to the poetic side of Cancer but will struggle giving the Cancer what they need.

Aquarius people are very romantic, however they have a problem when it comes to exclusivity and stay faithful in a relationship; something that Cancer doesn't appreciate. The attraction between them can be spontaneous emotionally and intellectually. Aquarius brings a flair of originality to work, while Leo lacks fantasy , but can give Aquarius direction.

Aquarius and Leo have what it takes to share a great social life together because they share similar types of friends and both love partying. In love, this duo is very complex and the differences in their personalities will start to appear. Aquarius needs to be free and hates being told what to do by other people. Aquarius people love helping everyone and sometimes forget to put their relationship first.

As for the possessive Leo, he will have a hard time dealing with Aquarius' free-flowing personality.

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If this couple is to be successful, their communication is key. In a professional setting, Aquarius could help Virgo push the limits and increase their creativity and in return, Virgo will offer wise advice and will help advance the projects. In friendship and as family members, they need to keep love alive or they risk becoming strangers to each other, without strong communication, this love match will have the impression that they both come from different planets.

In a relationship, Aquarius will that Virgo won't be able to take them seriously and the chatty Aquarius may even get bored in a relationship with the shy Virgo. Virgo is less creative and exciting that the some what wild Aquarius, who is ready to make crazy decisions at any minute. This duo will argue lots when children and their families are involved. As two signs under the Air element, Aquarius and Libra understand each other and their communication is very strong.

Understanding, tolerant and willing to share their ideas, these two zodiac signs have what it takes to become great friends or can evolve into a happy family.

Professionally, Aquarius and Libra try to enrich each other's ideas and help each other in the pursuit of success. Their intellectual understanding is amazing, these two just get each other! Their shared sense of compassion and fairness can put them giving to good causes. Libra could find that Aquarius lacks affection and prefers to pursue their dreams alone and eventually Libra could be tempted to walk away. Aquarius and Libra have their compassion in common ,as well as their need for justice and balance. When it comes to their sex life, Aquarius needs to satisfy Libra; who typically prefers taking things slowly.

These signs are completely different! She will also want more excitement between the sheets so Cancer will have to learn to try new things and she will have to coax it out of him for them to last. He loves being the center of attention and will want her attention on him at all times. This will be too much for the Aquarius woman.

Leo Men also like to be in control so they may fight over who is right. She will have to learn to give in and the Leo Man will have to learn to listen and compromise too so they can have better zodiac compatibility. They need to find a balance between their different personalities. But he will have to let go once in awhile and try new things especially in the bedroom and she will have to spend a quiet evening in with her man to keep the peace long term.

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

Aquarius Woman Compatibility With Libra Man:- Libra male and the Aquarius woman will hit it off right away because they both love a good party and great conversation. They can go all night, talking and making love. Libra men love to please so he will be willing to try whatever his Aquarius lover wants to try.

The intense and mysterious Scorpio man can be too much for the easy going and fun Aquarius Woman. Although she will be intrigued at first and want to dive in, she will need more freedom than he is willing to give. Likewise, the Scorpio will think that his Aquarius lady does not take things and life seriously enough.

She may want to run away from him and breakup. Both are social, adventurous and creative. They will play and have fun in and outside of the bedroom. They will rarely even argue or disagree but when they do it is hard for either to back down for they are both so stubborn! But hopefully they can talk things out and stay together for they are extremely compatible. Capricorn is quiet yet driven and ambitious. He is more traditional than his Aquarius mate and she may grow bored with this especially in the bedroom.

Although neither does she! Libra also makes concessions to allow for Aquarius eccentric nature — when they turn up for a date in different colored shoes Libra ignores the bleeding obvious and focuses on the romance ahead — this sort of acceptance will only make Aquarius fall deeper in lover. Libra oozes sensuality and Aquarius needs to push boundaries. Like other aspects of their lives, sex becomes a constantly evolving adventure with new twists at every encounter. Aquarius wants to have sex in zero gravity and Libra says yes — as long as they can dress up as Yoda.

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