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They are nevertheless intensely loyal and home-loving and will remain faithful. In their employment they are better working either by themselves or in subordinate positions.

Their talents are individual in a commercial business or similar undertaking. They would be afraid to manage more than a small department, worrying always that they would fail in a crisis. They can make fair secretaries and bookkeepers.


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Their sympathy equips them for work in charities catering for the needy, as nurses looking after the sick and as veterinary surgeons caring for animals. As librarians or astronomers they can satisfy their mental wanderlust, and their fondness for "faraway places with strange-sounding names" may turn them into sailors or travellers. Many architects and lawyers are Pisceans, and when the creative abilities are combined with gifts of imitation and the ability to enter into the feelings of others, Pisceans find their fulfillment on the stage. Their psychic and spiritual qualities can lead them into careers in the church or as mediums and mystics.

They may find an outlet for their creativity as caterers, and are said to make good detectives because they can imagine themselves in the place of criminals and understand how their minds would work.

In technical occupations they are well employed in dealing with anaesthetics, fluids, gases and plastics. Because of their lively versatility and inability to concentrate overmuch on any one project, Pisceans often simultaneously follow more than one occupation. Pisces governs the feet, liver and lymphatics, and its subjects can be threatened by anaemia, boils, ulcers and other skin diseases, especially inflammation of the eyelids, gout, inflammation, heavy periods and foot disorders and lameness.

March 10 Birthday Astrology

As with all sun signs, we all have unique traits to our personalities. When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise.

However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. As a pisces you may see things below that really strike home. Try the solution, you most likely will be amazed at the results. If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive.

He will not be grieving for a long time, and he will quickly find new love. They love beautiful gifts and generally enjoy beautiful and expensive things. It can easily become a passion, which takes them, sometimes, into debt. Career is associated with art, medicine and business where they can communicate with different people.

Birthday Horoscope March 10th

And in the Pisces symbol itself, those two separate fish that swim in the opposite direction are connected with a thin thread — which means they are not complete individualists. The Pisces live their lives in understanding the truth, swimming with their confused paths, but always looking for the company of another person. They are brilliant and charming and can be great actors and performers.

All Pisces are always connected with some secrecy or prophecy or vision. If they do not want to become paranoid they have to control their two halves that drag them into the unconscious waters and blur them with a clear perspective. They are connected with the twelfth house; house of mystery, subconscious and intuition.

Often, the idealistic visions of these people do not coincide with reality. They must necessarily build a system of self-discipline and strong control because they will only succeed in realizing their wonderful ideas and goals. People who are born on the March 10 th birthstone are Aquamarine. This stone is a symbol of reliability and courage. Another stone that represents people born on March 10 th is Amethyst.

Their characteristic flower is Water Lily which is a symbol of dreaming and hopes. Metal that is characteristic for the people born on the March 10 th are Aluminum and Platinum. Their lucky color is turquoise which is a symbol of spirituality and wisdom.

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Their lucky numbers are 3, 7, 25, 18 and These numbers, flowers and birthstones can be wonderful gifts for people born on March 10 th , so you should consider them when buying a gift for someone born on this day. Skip to content. Because they are constantly aware of their own feelings and tuned into the feelings of those around them, these highly sensitive people tend to experience life intensely and deeply.

Although they are highly perceptive and insightful in their relationships, they can also get deeply hurt by the words or actions of others.

Characteristics and Personality

Instead of facing their pain when they are wounded, they are more likely to withdraw into their own private world of torment. Fortunately, before the age of forty there is an emphasis in their life on assertiveness and a desire to be more active in the world. This can help them express themselves more outwardly. After the age of forty-one they often gravitate toward greater material and emotional stability, and this will help them stave off uncertainty and vulnerability.

Preoccupied with their inner conflicts, there is always a danger for these people to become self-involved; but, if they can learn not to use their sensitivity as a way of escaping responsibility and confrontation, the emphasis they place on internal rather than external fulfillment marks them out as very special people. Caring, contemplative and visionary, they will direct their intelligent and original thoughts toward the common good and, by so doing, positively influence and inspire all those who encounter them.

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