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The best sapphires originate from Kashmir with their cornflower blue colour, the deep blue shade which one cannot forget if once observed.

The Science of Gemstones: Bond Between Gemstones & Astrology

In fact many fall prey to the same coloured synthetic gem which look very identical. There are cases where people have bought large sized beautiful bright blue Kashmir sapphires for an exorbitant sum. When tested them they were found to be ordinary synthetic blue spinels! Other blue coloured stones which could be mistaken for sapphire are Benitoite, Iolite, Spinel, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Kyanite, Synthetic blue sapphire as well as synthetic blue spinel.

Blue sapphires undergo different treatments like heat, dyeing, irradiation, diffusion, glass filling etc. Blue sapphires are made synthetically by process like vernuil and flux melt and can be separated by inclusions.

Birthstones By Month: What Do they Mean?

Mining and extraction of sapphires are mainly from the alluvial deposits. Many places the primary and secondary deposits are seen simultaneously; the best examples for this are Myanmar, Umba Valley in Tanzania, Montana, as well as Kashmir Sapphires in India. The deposits in Australia, Thailand and Cambodia are in the alluvial rubbles found as a result of weathered volcanoes. Top prices for blue sapphire are paid for stones of an intense blue verging on the violet. Large saapphires are more common then large rubies.

Colour zoning can be a problem in sapphire; look for stones which have no major zoning problems. Many blue sapphires are too dark in colour, especially those from basalt sources such as Thailand and Australia. Such stones are generally inexpensive.

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Similarly, sapphires which are too light in colour are also inexpensive. The best stones are those which are well cut, eye clean and most importantly, with intense blue colours.

Beryl family has many contributors to give various beautiful different colour-shades and its variations, but Chromium oxide is decisive for the creation of the most extravagant green colour in an Emerald. If the green colour of the beryl is dominantly of iron oxide, it is considered as green beryl. Even a minute trace and chromium is sufficient to create the unmistakable Emerald and colour that can easily distinguished from the green colour of the Beryl that is caused by iron oxide. The intensity of the green colour depends on the quantity of chromium present.

The trace element of vanadium and iron creates the tones of yellow and bluish. According to astrology emerald guards the interests of the planet Mercury Budh. Emerald is a very brittle stone containing fissures and can be easily chipped. It should be washed in mild soapy water and should not be never put in a ultrasonic cleaner.

Natural emeralds contain inclusions like two phase, three phase, mica, pyrite, needle etc. These inclusions are very helpful in separating natural emeralds from its synthetic counterpart and other green gems.

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Emeralds are often treated with oil colourless or coloured or resin which fills the cracks and fissures which reach the surface. Oiled emeralds often show colour patches in the fissures under the Microscope. Resin treatment is difficult to detect as many a time the refractive index of the polymer is very close to that of emerald.

Under microscope the resin treated emeralds may show blue or orange flashes. Emeralds can be simulated with synthetic emerald, quartz, fluorspar. Massive hydrogrossular garnet, glass etc. The best emeralds come from Colombia. They have a unique shade and sparkle quality.

Since emerald is a very brittle stone extra care has to be taken while setting the stone as well as while handling the stone during wearing or storing in the jewellery box. Synthetic emeralds are produced in a large quantity and have a beautiful dark green colour. Since the technology that is used to produce the synthetic emerald closely resembles the natural stones identification is not very easy without proper instruments. The price of the emerald depends on the shade of green. Deeper the green colour the price increases.

The origin of emeralds is still a major price factor. The mineral chrysoberyl produces green, greenish yellow or brown colour gemstones. The most popular and the prized one is the honey green to yellow variety of chrysoberyl Lasuniya showing this phenomenon. The stones containing bundles of needles in parallel orientation reflect the external. When such a stone is cut in cabochon cut hemispherical , then the stone appears to have a streak of white light. It is essential that the jeweller can actually differentiate between these.

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While buying an individual stone particular attention should be paid to the centering of the white streak, the eye as it is called should be thin, hair-like and should move from one side to another through Chrysoberyl cats eye is one of the Navgraha stone representing Ketu. In the recent times great demand is seen in the market for this stone. Gemmologically the hessonite garnet is variety of grossular garnet. In fact the Garnet is a mineral series which include various coloured varieties, the most common being the purplish red variety called almandine pyrope.

Rare varieties of garnets like hessonite, demantoid, tsavorite, spessartite etc. Coral is formed by coral polyp, a primitive type of plant like animal called a zoophyte. The composition of coral is almost wholly of Calcium carbonate with about 3 percent of magnesium carbonate is secreted by the animal. They grow as branching structures which look something like a leafless tree. Thin section of coral shows dark red radii passing from the centre to the outside surface and these radial colour bands are seen on a longitudinal section as lines of pigment running parallel to the length of the section.

These colour bands are clearly visible by eye of the surface of coral. The hardness of coral is about 3. Although soft in hardness they are reasonably tough and take a high polish. A spot of acid placed on the surface of coral will cause effervesces, which is a useful test for coral against its imitations. Coral comes in different colour for which different names have been applied. Coral gems with their hardness of 3 — 4 should be worn and cleaned gently.

Warm water and mild detergent are best for cleaning and daily wearing of this gem in rings or bracelets is not advisable. The coral get damaged by exposure to acids and high heat and long exposure to water. Today corals are artificially prepared by ceramic process or they are reconstructed resembling the natural material to a large extent.. Natural corals generally show wood grain effect, striations, pits and groove marks on their surface. Easiest test is to take a drop of diluted hydrochloric acid on needle point and place it on a most inconspicuous position of the gem. If the drop effervesces then it is coral.

Reconstructed and dyed coral loses colour when tested with diluted HCL acid.

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Out of the priceless collections of gems, pearls are indeed the symbols of beauty, purity and wealth — the admiration of which has spread through every culture, in every age, over the development of many a civilization in the world. We are the extensively offering a wide range of Astrological Gemstone.

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