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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to relationships.

As with any zodiac sign, there are some people that Leos bond with, and others that they have problems getting along with.

Leo Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

It's not surprising that when these two fire signs get together, sparks fly. They have the kind of sexual chemistry that never goes away. The only thing that might cause tension between them is that both have dominant personalities, and they need to be careful to keep any competition friendly; if not, things could turn ugly. If Leo doesn't think that Aries is too busy doing their own thing to pay enough attention to Leo, there could be a problem.

In some ways, Leo and Taurus are a good match as both are extremely loyal, straightforward, and crave security. They share many similarities and values. The problem is both can be stubborn and uncompromising, which could lead to a stand-off between the two without there ever being a clear winner.

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If they want their relationship to work, Leo will have to work on their patience and Taurus will have to work on being more flexible and occasionally giving in. The tricky part regarding a romantic relationship between Leo and Gemini is Leo's need to feel as if their relationship is locked down.

Cancer & Leo: Love Compatibility

Gemini is the opposite; they like to feel as if they have their options open and are independent. Gemini may not pay enough attention to Leo's feelings and Leo may get annoyed with Gemini's flakiness and short attention span.

Leo compatibility

There are many pluses for a Leo and Cancer partnership: they both are loyal, trustworthy, and need security. Leo certainly doesn't have the time or the inclination to tip-toe around Cancer, trying to make sure that they're not doing something inadvertently that will upset Cancer. Leo wants Cancer be straightforward with them, rather than hang on to ill feelings and then spring it on Leo when they least suspect it. In many ways, these two just can't communicate.

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Leo doesn't understand why creative Cancer doesn't seek out the limelight more, and Cancer doesn't understand why Leo needs other people's approval so badly. While some signs wouldn't like someone just like them, that's not the case for Leo. A Leo-Leo combination gets along great! Leos are Leo's favorite people on earth.

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  6. They usually have a high level of trust between them, and for some reason, even when they battle for supremacy it's never destructive to the foundation of their relationship. Two Leos tend to be dominant in different areas — one may be the dominant one in the emotional part of the relationship, while the other may lead in the sexual department.

    Jay-Z and Beyoncé respect each other's ambitions.

    Leo and Virgo can definitely get along But once emotions get involved, Virgo needs to watch out. Leos are dangerous to the emotional well-being of Virgos. Leos and Virgos tend to have a difficult time understanding each other. Leos are showier, more charismatic, and more dramatic. Both signs like to help people, but Leos tend to do things on a larger level than Virgos.

    Aries and Leo often meet at red carpet events and are initially attracted to each others suave sense of style and luminous appearance. Both possess a magnetic energy that allows them to become the center of attention wherever they go — Aries with their stories of daring exploits and Leo with their wit and outrageous flirting. Like moths to a flame they gravitate to each other — eventually sharing the same spotlight.

    The personality of Aries is ruled by Mars which possesses warrior and protector characteristics. With Leo being a fire sign whose ruling planet is the Sun they tend to be rather protective and hostile towards anything that comes between them and their Aries.

    Leo compatibility table

    Best not to flirt with a Ram if a Lion is their partner. Aries can be somewhat impatient but extremely efficient whereas Leo waits for the most opportune time to strike and then attacks with precision. If they can sync these two traits just perfectly then a power couple will truly be born leaving those around them to watch in awe as they build out an empire.

    With two fiery egos who like to be the center of attention what could possibly go wrong? This twosome can sometimes clash due to the sheer strength of their personalities.

    Best Match For Leo: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

    To stay out of trouble they will need to learn to share the spotlight or be magnanimous enough to take turns at attention grabbing. As these two signs begin to fall in love their feelings can quickly become intense. A s with their symbol the lion, Leo natives are known as courageous, regal individuals with a natural flare for drama.

    Leos are typically proud people with a weakness for attention and the spotlight, but also an admirable level of respect for justice and fairness as well. They are creative individuals that more often than not make incredible artists of all types. Those born under the sign of the lion not only dream big, but they love large as well. They want to leave the world a better place than they found it, and they have the passion, the drive, and the ambition to do just that if they put their minds to it and work hard. However, Leos also sometimes have a tendency to be vain, stubborn, and overbearing at times, and their pussycat exterior hides a temper that can be vicious if rubbed the wrong way. The trademark Leo pride can also mutate into overbearing self-importance if not properly tempered.

    When it comes to astrology love signs, Leo is best matched with fellow fire signs, or alternatively air signs, as they share many of their natural sensibilities and outlooks.

    Summary of Leo compatibility

    Sagittarius : Both Sagittarius and Leo are robust, fiery, fun-loving signs that share a mutual love of adventure and freedom, both in love with the experience of life itself. Each one stimulates, encourages, and inspires the other to reach new heights. Leo and Sagittarius are also equally potent in the bedroom, making sex a favorite way of bonding and spending time together. Seeing eye to eye when it comes to many important aspects of life, this is an astrology love match built to last.

    Both are passionate, energetic, and slightly egotistical, but as long as they take care to respect one another, this can be more of an asset than a liability.

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