Importance of planet sun in astrology

The Sun also signifies the people in authority like the Head of the States, The King, Highly ranked government officials, the government itself, Powerful Politicians and Police Officials , Doctors and so many other things and persons.

The Sun rules the Pitta element in the body which means that it controls the fire energy in the body. The Sun becomes very strong in the fiery signs namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as the basic nature of the Sun and these sign is the same i. The sun is exalted in Aries which is a fiery sign ruled by Mars which is a signifier of energy and so the Sun gains maximum strength in this sign.

It is very strong in Leo which is its own sign as well as in Sagittarius which is a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter. The people with a very strong Sun in their horoscope are usually the healthiest of all as they have very good digestion, a very well functioning heart which circulates the blood very well in their body and they can easily get rid of toxins formed in their body as a result of eating some particular foods.

Physically, such people are usually very fit and they are usually neither found overweight nor underweight and enjoy a balanced physical shape almost throughout their lives though some of these aspects may change depending upon the placement, strength and Yogas or defects formed by other planets in a particular horoscope.

People with a very strong Sun are usually of dominant nature and have a strong will power and are very quick at taking calculated risks and responsibilities. They may be very sensitive or emotional depending upon some other factors in their horoscope but they are very well able to control these emotions and sentiments most of the times in their lives and so they usually do what logically needs to be done in most of the situations in their lives.

The native will choose the right path, and finish the work at hand in a democratic manner or in a completely unique way. Even if the native is in a ver high and commanding position in society or organization, he or she would never portray an autocratic attitude altogether. Sun and Mars combination can make a native autocratic and bit impulsive in approach apparently. Strong influence of Sun in horoscope can make a native seeker of power and authority in whatever field or wherever they are. They always want to be their own boss and not happy all to work under anybody else. If they are in any business they just want to rule that particular business filed and tend to do monopoly.

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He further represents Administrators of any kind, Politicians and ministers, any kind of Government jobs — sometimes of higher post, Jewelers, professions or jobs related to practice of Medicines and medical labs, Economist, Magistrate, Dealer of wool, officer at Forest, Surveyor, Photographer and Designing field of any kind. Sun in astrology represents Power and Authority of any kind and at any stage of life that I have already mentioned and hence Government Authorities, posts where power plays its role, like President and Prime Minister, Chief Minister of a state, Members of Parliament etc.

We all known to the fact that in society some people are well connected with these high power and authority people, sun is the planet behind bringing this connections in their life. Sun in astrology represents products related to rice, groundnut, coconut, pungent taste juice, lavender, almonds, chilies, wheat, saffron, cardamoms, orange, asafetida, poison, vermin, cedar, laurel, marigold etc.

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These product related business will be well suited for well-placed sun in business related houses in the horoscope. Generally a weak Sun in horoscope gives low stamina, low self-esteem, and tentativeness to the native. Placement of too strong Sun in kundli can make a native very authoritarian and aggressive. In such cases a person can be bit self-centered and showy someone who always likes to come in lime light or in center of all events and actions.

If Sun is too strong but influenced by benefic planet like Jupiter then the negative characteristics will be well controlled and minimized. Sun in astrology also denotes our Soul and therefore a native with well-placed and powerful Sun in horoscope have a virtuous soul, his all deeds become exemplary in the society or family and remains always ready to lend a hand to others.

On the contrary native with an Afflicted, Weak, Debilitated Sun in horoscope may be very acquisitive or greedy, quite self-centered and of very self-important nature.

Role and Importance of Sun in Astrology

Sun signifies all royal animals like horse, lion and serpents. It also symbolizes singing birds like lark, nightingale, swan etc. These people will always keep them away from unworthy things and experiences. Their self respect is of utmost priority to them. These people will never cheat or trick others, they will be honest, trustworthy and will always try to protect their dignity and position. These people do not mind about losing money but they will lose sleep if their respect is shattered in some way.

Sun also represents Father. Sun represents Government, diplomatic relations and anything related with Administration. If you want a job in public sector or a central government job like IAS, IPS, Civil Services, it cannot be achieved if Sun is placed negatively or afflicted in your chart.

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Any government official, minister, diplomat or anyone who is related with government in any way must have Sun placed positively in their chart. A good placement of Sun is mandatory if you want success in the field of politics, administration, law and order. If you are a Judge in court, a lawyer, a police officer, a district magistrate or someone who is in administrative field, you will not go very far is Sun is not well placed or does not have enough strength in terms of Degree, Nakshatra and other things. Sun is also the planet which controls the reputation and fame of a person.

One should be careful in his behaviours and actions and never intimidate the Sun god.

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Sun is the source of energy and light, which propels the entire life cycle process, so if Sun is intimidated, then there is no going back. If Sun is not happy with you, it will crush you to that extent beyond imagination. Not only will sun take your fame, reputation, position, power, self confidence, self respect, fulfilment and energy but it will make you so dull and depressed that you will lose a reason to live. If Sun is intimidated by your actions, no other planet can help you no matter how strong that planet is in your birth chart. Sun is the de facto Chief Boss of this solar system so you should never ever intimidate the Sun God.

If you do, Sun will burn your life like it does burn dry leaves in the season of summer. If you are leading a miserable life and there are lots of problems in every aspect of your life, there is a chance that either Sun god is not happy with you or his Son Saturn is not happy with you. If you are living a miserable life with low income, lot of debts to pay, no good relationships, lack of fulfilment, purpose, loss in business, problems at work and quarrels with boss and superiors, loss of house or property, long stretching disease making you bankrupt, loss in power, position, divorced, unable to have children, no respect in society, facing court cases or you are imprisoned — there is a high chance that Sun is unhappy with you or the position of Sun in your birth chart is not favourable.

Go to bed early and wake up before Sunrise. Sun likes those people who start their day early, who wake up before Sun wakes up and those who salute the Sun every day Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Planet Sun in astrology – Its Role and Importance

If possible, perform Surya Namaskar. Salute the Sun and try to relive his anger by giving him you respect. The water is to be offered at the time of Sunrise only, when Sun is visible half risen at the Horizon. While offering Water, the falling water should be in the middle of you and sun, which means, you should see the Sun through the falling water from a copper bowl.

The Sunlight has to pass through the falling stream of water and reach your eyes. While offering water, recite this mantra —. Pacifying the anger of Sun creates many positive effects in life and negates dullness, inactivity, depression, debts, diseases and enemies. Sun is the source of all the energy and it helps to cure depression, dullness, inactivity and can pacify any battle you are fighting.

If you are not in the good books of Sun God, no other planet can even dare to come to your rescue. Share this article: on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn. What does Sun Represent? Sun is exalted in Aries, so we have to first understand what does the house of Aries represent. It does not matter what task you give them, they will put all their energy into it and get you the best outcome that is possible.

These people will not quit something in the middle, they will complete it and only then they will move it to some other task. Since Sun represents Arrogance and Aggression, these people sometimes becomes arrogant and lose sleep on a small inaccuracy in their work. They are perfectionists.

In adverse situations and circumstances, these people do not collapse easily. They hold their ground till the last moment and struggle their way out. They believe in making their own way alone, rather than seeking help from others. They will rather fight alone and die than seek help from others and survive. These people are often seen working in Government jobs, administrative jobs, in politics, law and order or something which is related with government in any way.

A combination of Good Sun and Moon gives success in the fields of Foreign ministry or public relations.

Importance of planet sun in astrology
Importance of planet sun in astrology
Importance of planet sun in astrology
Importance of planet sun in astrology
Importance of planet sun in astrology
Importance of planet sun in astrology
Importance of planet sun in astrology

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