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Today, you have new projects in mind, and you plan to implement all your potential to move forward in your life project. Keep going on this path. Sagittarius: you tend to put your worries back the next day, without ever getting to leave them behind you. On a daily basis, it handicape you and greatly slows down your personal projects.

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Capricorn: you are aware of the path you have to go and the tests you will have to overcome to get to the end of your projects. Continue to show courage and realism. Aquarius: this routine in which you feel like you're stagnate today seems to be about to disappear for a period rich in events and new opportunities able to get closer to your life goal. Fish: an unexpected event will give you the opportunity to finally realize what you care about. Your potential should open up new doors and allow you to renew completely on a personal level.

A great week to all and to all!

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Did you know that you also have a sun number? The sun numbers range from 1 TO 9 and each contains a particular vibration and energy that are meant to guide you in your journey. To find out what is yours, tell me your date of birth. You will take responsibility quietly by being sure of your knowledge. Bull: you will have to make choices and that, in a new conscience of your responsibilities.

These choices will often be painful or source of periods when you will feel lost. Gemini: you will take things in your hands and no one will be able to stop you. You will know where you are going and you will give the means. The movement will be positive, transfer, moving, travels for work.

Horoscope du Vendredi 31 mai 12222

Cancer: you will keep what is good to leave what does not work or more. You will change your schedules, you will be happy with balanced and valid people and will not hesitate to decide in the mood! Lion: good time to take responsibility and invest you in your projects.

You will be lucky, prosperous and constructive. Your Strategies will work to allow you to get what you want. Virgin: you can feel alone enough or even, search for loneliness. Period of reflection, meditation, excellent to work on yourself and to think about solidarity! Balance: you could find your vocation, resume studies or teach yourself.

It's also a privileged time to finish something, fix your problems. Scorpion: Events and opportunities will be fast and you will have to seize the balls at the bond! Be careful not to let yourself be overcome by events more or less uncontrollable! Sagittarius: you may change to fall back in the same patterns! You have the opportunity to evolve in your relationships, adjust the family patterns, or to dive back! Watch out for the spread!

Capricorn: you will be wanted for the quality of your analysis and for your contact facilities. The contracts will sign easily, we will trust you. You'll have some awesome ideas. Only Flat: watch out for your finances! Nothing serious but make sure your sleep and a good hygiene of life. Fish: gestation period where you will only be able to bend to events by adapting. This will ask you for sacrifices, but these will be proven for the rest. Consultations in French and Italian, consulting in francese and in Italiano.

Roxane Who will be the lucky winner? Good morning! Among all those who will tag me, in the course of September, for a phone consultation, I will draw the name of the winner of this mandala created by myself. It is engraved in wood 40 x40 and the colors used are acrylic paintings. I remind you that I am reachable at CHF 2. Great day! Roxane Roxane Translated. Continue Reading. You will need to be very rigorous in the management of your material situation to quickly fix the bar.

Bull: you are certainly a little disappointed by the turn of the events these days. You've been expecting a lot, and yet just delays in your projects. But all this will end very soon! Gemini: in the field of business, you often like to take risks: it's a pepper that you like it. But this period will not be conducive to such an attitude. You will be advised to stick to caution.

Cancer: Act without rush, but with determination: this will have to be your main goal in your profession. And this is how you will be able to avoid traps and pitfalls will lead your way. Lion: communication with your partner will be a bit difficult. Sometimes you will have to make an effort to maintain dialogue. If you are a lonely heart, your chances of meeting someone you like will be real. Virgin: you will have the lucidity and the sense of realities necessary to carry out your various business.

You will create skilled financial operations or secure investments, giving you chances to improve your physical situation. Balance: it will be important that you continue to provide diligent efforts, as well as to continue believing in the virtues of work.

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Otherwise, you will make your efforts, and then all the progress you have made could be compromise. Go paranormal with me G.

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  8. I am a Taurus too! Je suis scorpion!!!! Je veux mettre un peu de folie de ma vie moi!!! Mon esprit scientifique a un gros doute quand meme!!! So I guess it depends on my mood — but I have to admit when I read that something great is going to happen, I do feel happier! I am also a Taurus…and my beloved boyfriend is also a Scorpio! I tend to think maybe some of the basic traits of all the signs are probably pretty true, but not so much the daily stuff that they feed you on astrology sites, magazines etc. It is fun to play along with the types sometimes though…. Taureau moi aussi. Et oui je me retrouve sur bien des choses sur tes magnets et ta description!!!

    Ou va t-on?

    Lisa Zamora (lisaz) on Pinterest

    Je suis ressortie un peu perplexe mais interrogative. I am a Pisces. Especially when it makes my day better. I am a Taurus and my husband a Scorpio! Moi je suis Vierge ascendant Vierge. Im a scorpio. Hey Ms Garance we should hang out sometime; hihi ;.. Hi Garance, Just wanted you to know that my beloved grandparents are the same astrology signs as you and Scott and they are togather more than 55 years!

    Great combo! Hi Garance!

    Horoscope du Vendredi 31 mai 12222

    This is my first comment in your blog! At least not for predicting my future… I never remember what my future was going to be and this has nothing to do with a joint, haha! And oh…we are obsessed with our feet, hence we love shoes!

    ♓POISSONS/octobre♓Tout vous réussit ! / HOROTAROSCOPE de Pauline
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