March 20 solstice astrology

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Communication is the key to end their troubles and find resolutions in emotional understanding of "the other side".

They are messengers of a special sort, a species that differs from regular men, brought to Earth to share something incredible with the rest of us mortals. Entities those born on the 20th of March carry in their emotional world tend to tie them in too close relationships and symbiosis with family members, and other people later on.

The spring equinox has arrived!

Patterns learned in their childhood are strong. If they were subjected to manipulation and control, they could lose sight of their own personality in an attempt to share a life with someone and keep their heart fed by the love they are getting or giving away. A fine balance that is necessary in their emotional world is rarely complete and made if they simply repeat what they have learned at home as little children.

March Equinox: The Astrological New Year 12222

Evolution of the Soul is in place here. This makes it hard for them to be light and carefree and communicate freely and openly about their feelings. With a need to hide their dark side and put an emphasis on the bright one, they could shield themselves from intimacy itself and forget to open their heart for the right person standing in front of them.

Andi asks is your Birthday March 20th...

Once they connect deepest emotions with healthy sexual expression that doesn't restrict them in any way, they will know that they are finally on the right track. Everyone born on March 20th excels in different types of analysis, psychology, and theory that explains things that are out of the ordinary and deep in our unconscious world.

What Does It Mean To Give Birth On The First Day Of Spring? The Vernal Equinox Is Upon Us

They often become scientists and their search for answers rarely ends on a simple level of curiosity or education. They need depth and significance in anything they approach and think about, and their feelings are their best guiding light towards success and personal expression. To forgive themselves and people who bruised them, those born on March 20th should have rhodonite in their crystal collection.

It will trigger incredibly deep compassion, understanding, and set them free from fear of emotional connecting. This crystal is the one to cleanse blockages in the heart chakra and their emotional world, and gives incredible support during recovery from traumatic experiences. It will also remind them of hidden and forgotten talents they haven't been aware of and help them find a way to use them. Because the sky has been darkened by the software, we can see how several planets are gathered on the far side behind the sun: Uranus, Mars, and Venus.

Below and to the left is the distant dwarf planet Eris, hovering in the far reaches of the solar system.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

How did ancient peoples observe and measure the date of the vernal equinox, if it is blocked by the sunlit sky? They discovered clever ways of marking the rising and setting points of the sun.

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In some cases they built monuments to refine these measurements. Stonehenge , in southern England, is one of the most spectacular examples of these equinox calendars.

Planetary Row

What happens in the Southern Hemisphere when the sun crosses the equator into the northern sky? There the days grow shorter and the temperature drops. Today is in fact the southern autumnal equinox, heading towards winter. The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are a mirror image of the ones in the north.


This happens because the Earth's weather seasons actually lag a month or two behind the astronomical markers. Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more!

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March 20 solstice astrology

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