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This is a transit that calls for you to show off a little, so give your ambition free rein and put your talents on display. A family or domestic development may grab your attention when a full moon lands at the base of your chart, activating matters closer to home. Do your best to balance your personal life and public life, and spend time alone decompressing if you seem to be at the mercy of mood swings. A spat between Mercury in your ambition angle and Uranus in your interpersonal house suggests that unpredictable individuals or relationship ups and downs can distract you from your focus on goals.

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Remember that not everyone shares your same agenda, then do what you can to give people leeway. Look for opportunities to participate in teamwork and seek out people who share your objectives, interests or ideals. Try to find common ground and coordinate your wishes and requirements with those of others. Group physical activities like team sports would be another great use of this transit.

The appeal of broadening your horizons receives even more emphasis this week when the sun and Venus come together in your exploration sector. You might be inspired to learn something for sheer pleasure, perhaps starting a new course of study or traveling to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Plus, you can learn a lot about yourself and about the world through relationships when these planets pair up, so seek out a wide variety of people or jump into new experiences with people you already know.

When a full moon hits your cognition-and-communication house, fresh facts could come to light, or you might endure information overload and not know what to process first. Maybe a shift involving your sibling or your neighborhood will compel you to deal with some sort of fallout. Or a flurry of thoughts and interactions will pull you in different directions, generating nervous energy. Take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. Mercury and Uranus are arguing, and their tiff can also make you feel scattered or frustrated.

But brainstorming may lead to a breakthrough. Your ambition will be in overdrive for nearly seven weeks, mobilizing you to achieve your aims. The value of knowing yourself — or someone else — deeply and loving who you or they are is another theme of this planetary configuration. Intense sex, emotional intimacy and personal introspection will all be gratifying. But your income or your self-esteem might receive a welcome boost, making you feel more secure. The courage to fight for what you believe in can lead you to become a social justice warrior during this period, or it may lead you into heated debates.

A meetup between the sun and Venus in your one-on-one angle points to pleasant and engaging interactions with other individuals. Companionship is sure to inspire and energize you and keep you in good spirits. A romantic or creative partnership is highly favored under this influence. This Aquarius lunation calls for you to honor your emotions and if necessary, let go of what — or whom — is no longer serving your growth.

With Mercury and your ruling planet, Uranus, going at it the next day, you might experience interpersonal conflict. You could also direct your passion toward a pet project, an investigation of some sort or an emotional matter that needs your undivided attention.

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These two planets are trying to persuade you to value your health and take excellent care of yourself. They want you to recognize and honor the connection between your mind, your body and your spirit and to nurture the wellness of all three. A good daily routine can help you do just that. Besides your willingness to work on self-improvement, this transit also gives you a positive attitude about working on relationships.

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Plus, your interactions with colleagues are likely to be quite pleasant now. But when a full moon lights up the last house in your chart, you may crave downtime to unwind.

A spiritual crisis, striking dreams, the discovery of a secret or turbulent, buried emotions may compel you to retreat and reflect. On Tuesday, the full moon in slow-jamming, sensual Taurus reminds us of the power of presence. The past is the past and the future unscripted—but we so often miss "the power of now" by dwelling on both. So fresh and so clean! Dab on a new signature scent—maybe a custom-blended one. Since Taurus rules the throat, try a top with a new neckline, whether a plunging scoop or a cozy turtleneck. If your digital devices are starting to feel like extra limbs, put them down as much as possible for the day and enjoy some good, old-fashioned analog bonding.

Sit down for a face-to-face coffee date instead of texting. Curious about your personal astrology chart, planets and cycles? Try a 60min Year Ahead Consult!

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Mercury, your ruling planet, also visits Virgo this month, from August 7 — This enhances your already strong analytical abilities, and can help you bring new order to a messy situation. You may called to share an expert opinion, or deliver insight into facts to help decide a murky matter as Mercury links to Pluto August 15 and then Saturn August Study, teaching, writing or communication goals you have worked on since October may come to fruition at the end of August.

While Jupiter will enhance energy and help you access new opportunities, Mars, the Sun and Venus in Leo will remind you it take regular breaks, and get plenty of rest. You may have work to do behind the scenes, or have a secret project you want to keep private for now. Time out, to reflect, retreat and recharge will help prepare you for the magic of the next 12 months.

The Pisces Full Moon , on August 29, will highlight your relationship with others. A turning point may arrive in a close partnership, or you may gain new insight into what you really want in love. Someone special may be more emotional than usual and if so will appreciate your TLC.

Music, time by the water or a romantic night out can help you bond with the one you love. Pay special attention to the topics, themes or areas of life that start to show up — or open up — for you this August. With Jupiter entering Virgo a whole new chapter of life begins. In this period Venus will also visit Virgo October 8 — November 8 tripling up the planetary emphasis on one topic or part of your life. August is a big month where change and transition is possible, especially if you have a strong Jupiter themed chart if you have lots of planets in Sagittarius or Pisces , or if you have the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces on the angles including ascendant, IC, descendant or MC.

One stand out planet in August is Mercury in Virgo , August 7 — This is an ideal period in which to organise paperwork, undertake any de-cluttering project, or reorganise and streamline your home or work space. Think recycle, re purpose or re-gift to get rid of stuff you no longer need. Mercury will make 3 key aspects from Virgo.

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An opposition to Neptune on August 13 can fog facts, or make it tricky to finalise an agreement that relies on clear information. However, by August 15, when Mercury trines Pluto , an eagle eye for detail can help you take charge of information, dig up forgotten facts or take honesty to a new level. The most productive and definitive aspect from Mercury in Virgo is a sextile to Saturn, on August This is about making firm, fast and final choices. Promises made then will last. February is a magical month with exciting potential.

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Breakthroughs and blessings are likely! This lucky influence can bring new love, inspire you to take the next step with someone special or help you rekindle a lost spark.

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Travel, study, writing or teaching schedules may be in flux. If so, wait until February 20 to finalise your plans. Throughout February you will want to put yourself, and your dreams, first. You may refocus on a personal project, or feel blessed with the courage to make a bold choice. Taurus — A breakthrough regarding a home or family project may arrive around February 3. This will be a lovely time to spend big on a renovation, redecoration or move. Progress regarding a work project or a salary discussion is possible later in the month.

A conversation or development around February 5 may need to be revisited after February Gemini — You have the support of Venus and Mars in Pisces to help you push ahead with a professional dream.

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A show of leadership or initiative can help you make a favourable impression. Special dates for a positive impression at work include February 2, 8 and A teaching, training, writing or communication project may receive extra attention under the Full Moon on February 3. This will be a wonderful month for pursuing a writing or publishing goal.

An honest conversation early in the month can lead to a commitment or firm plan in a close relationship around February Cancer — Finances will be in focus. Under the Full Moon on February 3 you may receive a lucrative offer which will boost your income, or decide to push ahead with a new budget strategy. You may receive financial support from an unexpected source. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius indicates attention to detail regarding any contract or paperwork will pay off. If extra time to review the fine print is required, take it. New enthusiasm for your career may emerge once Mars enters Aries on February Take on a new professional challenge, or if you want a career change, look for new work.

Leo — Early February can be a truly stellar time. You may attract positive attention, or find others are willing to put your needs first.

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