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They now portray Hollande as a bumbling, henpecked husband. Deferring to She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, the President is depicted fleeing to the comforting arms of a softer, sweeter, more understanding female — Angela Merkel. Trierweiler admits to having started her affair with Hollande in He was then Socialist Party leader; she had been covering the Left as a Paris Match political correspondent for years.

Meanwhile, Trierweiler went to absurd lengths to sideline her. In rallies, Royal found herself seated away from other party bigwigs, and excluded from pictures. She has dug her heels in, refusing to recant her tweet. She stated that as evolution proceeds, things are accelerated and humanity will soon be predominantly distinguished by the Aryan consciousness. In her book Education in the New Age , Bailey made predictions about the use of this esoteric racial concept in the schools of the future and that these schools would incorporate the idea of "root races".

These "races" are a way of conceptualizing evolution as it occurs over vast prehistoric spans of time, and during which humanity developed body Lemurian , emotion Atlantean , and mind Aryan. She states that there is now being developed a "new race" with a spiritual dimension that expresses as "group qualities and consciousness and idealistic vision". In her The Destiny of the Nations , Bailey described a process by which this "new race" will evolve, after which "very low grade human bodies will disappear, causing a general shift in the racial types toward a higher standard.

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She believed that the influences of religions, philosophies, sciences, educational movements, and human culture in general are the result of this relationship. Bailey's sometimes elusive and abstract ideas on the races are perhaps more clear in following passage in which she addresses mixing of races. Inter-marriage between nations and races, the fusion of bloods for hundreds of years—due to migration, travel, education and mental unity—has led to there being no really pure racial types today. This is far more certainly the case than the most enlightened think, if the long, long history of mankind is considered.

Sexual intercourse knows no impenetrable barriers, and people today have in them all the strains and the blood of all the races, and this as a result of the world war, — will be increasingly the case.

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This development is definitely a part of the divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appear to those who idealize purity of relationship Something intended is being brought about and it cannot be avoided. Bailey's ideas about race were criticized by Victor Shnirelman, a cultural anthropologist and ethnographer, who in a survey of modern Neopaganism in Russia, drew particular attention to " Shnirelman's view was echoed by Isaac Lubelsky who criticized not only Bailey, but Blavatsky, Steiner, and others.

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In Lubelsky's view, racists ideas were common to the whole "Theosophical family". Controversy has arisen around some of Bailey's statements on nationalism , American isolationism , Soviet totalitarianism , Fascism , Zionism , Nazism , race relations , Africans, Jews, and the religions of Judaism and Christianity.

Yonassan Gershom and others have claimed that her writings contain racist material. The American Chassidic author Yonassan Gershom wrote that Bailey's plan for a New World Order and her call for "the gradual dissolution—again if in any way possible—of the Orthodox Jewish faith" revealed that "her goal is nothing less than the destruction of Judaism itself.

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Jews do not, and never have, worshipped an angry vengeful god, and we Jews never, ever call God 'Jehovah'. Bailey taught a form of universal spirituality that transcended denominational identification, believing that, "Every class of human beings is a group of brothers. Catholics, Jews, Gentiles, occidentals and orientals are all the sons of God. Author Steven Sutcliffe wrote that Bailey's "World Goodwill" organization was promoting groups of "world servers" to, as he quotes Bailey, "serve the Plan, Humanity, the Hierarchy and the Christ".

Despite her focus on unity of religion, Bromley and Hammond point out that Bailey and other "occultists" " The Arcane School, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey to disseminate spiritual teachings, organizes a worldwide "Triangles" program to bring people together in groups of three, for daily meditation and study. Their belief is that they receive divine energy through meditation and that this energy is transmitted to humanity, so raising spiritual awareness. Bailey made extensive use of the term " New Age " in her books and some writers have described her as the founder of the New Age movement, [4] [63] [76] although The New Age was used as the title of a Journal of Christian liberalism and Socialism, published as early as , predating Bailey's use of the term.

James R. Lewis and J. Gordon Melton, in Perspectives on the New Age wrote, "The most important—though certainly not the only—source of this transformative metaphor, as well as the term "New Age", was Theosophy, particularly as the Theosophical perspective was mediated to the movement by the works of Alice Bailey. Sir John Sinclair, in his book The Alice Bailey Inheritance , commented on the seminal influence of Alice Bailey, which, he said, underlies the consciousness growth movement in the 20th century. Several writers have mentioned the affinity of some of Bailey's concepts with modern expressions of paganism.

During the s and s, the neopagan author and ceremonial magic ritualist Caroll Poke Runyon published a magazine called The Seventh Ray, its name taken from the writings of Alice Bailey. In contrast to this, Daren Kemp in Handbook to the New Age sees critical differences between neopaganism and New Age movements and indicates that it is a mistake to conflate them.

Author Catherine Wessinger wrote that Bailey was a liberated woman " Wessinger stated that they were "an important source of the contemporary New Age movement.

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According to the Encyclopedia of Women And Religion in North America , several leaders of New Age philosophy have further developed Bailey's teachings, including the well-known personalities JZ Knight who channels the entity known by the name Ramtha , Helen Schucman author of A Course in Miracles through the process of telepathic dictation she called "scribing" , and Elizabeth Clare Prophet who published what she referred to as "dictations from Ascended Masters".

These developments have been referred to by other sources as "spin-offs" and splinter groups.

The "Tibetan" teacher, Djwhal Khul, whom Bailey claimed was the co-author of many of her books, has also been claimed as co-author by two new female channelers, Violet Starre and Moriah Marston. The many claims and teachings of the spin-off groups underscores their divergences, for example there appears to be a widespread confusion about the phrase and meaning of "Ascendant Master" in that it was adopted by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet but not by Theosophists or Alice Bailey.

In the school was closed because of personal conflict between Bailey and Froebe-Kapteyn, at which time Froebe-Kapteyn replaced it with the Eranos group. Roger J. Woolger said, in a paper presented to the "Beyond the Brain" Conference held at Cambridge University in , "In Tansley as in Brennan you will find descriptions of a hierarchy of subtle bodies called the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual that surround the physical body. Tansley attributed the source of his model to Alice Bailey's theosophical commentary on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali , the locus classicus of Hindu teaching. Bailey's influence can be found in therapeutic communities with which she was never directly involved, such as the Human Potential Movement.

Alice Bailey makes no reference to unidentified flying objects [11] This is not surprising since Alice Bailey's books were written between and [12] and "The emergence of religion specifically focused on UFOs is a post phenomena. These ideas may partially account for an association in minds of some between Bailey, and others of the Theosophical schools, and UFOs. For instance, Christopher Partridge wrote of this association as "easily transferred" [13] The connection does exist in the sense that there is a subset of persons interested in both esoteric writings and UFOs and who link them as shown by the fact that some books that cite Alice Bailey or Theosophy also cite UFOs.

Kidnappers demand ransom for wife of Norwegian billionaire

Theosophy has several prominent branches, and, strictly speaking, the branch which has had the most important influence on the UFO religion is that developed by Alice Bailey. Professor Robert S. Ellwood of the University of Southern California investigated a wide range of religious and spiritual groups in the United States during the s, including a nationwide group of UFO believers called Understanding, Inc.

He reported that, "There is no particular religious practice connected with the meeting, although the New Age Prayer derived from the Alice Bailey writings is used as an invocation. George D. Author Ryan H. In , Todd Rundgren released an album titled Initiation which has a song called "Initiation" on side one. The title of the album is apparently based on the Theosophical concept of Initiation , taught by Alice A. Bailey and C. The entire second side of the album is taken up by a song called "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire"; the three parts of the song are listed as: "I. Bailey's book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

Also in , Rundgren released an album by his side-project Utopia titled " Another Live ". This album contained a song titled "The Seven Rays" see reference above. Finally, in , Rundgren followed up with another Bailey reference with a song entitled "Love in Action" from the Utopia album Oops! Wrong Planet. In , Bailey's influence appeared in pop culture , with the release of Van Morrison 's album Beautiful Vision , in which he directly referred to the teachings and the Tibetan in the lyrics of the songs " Dweller on the Threshold " and "Aryan Mist".

The song Ancient of Days from the Sense of Wonder album appears to be a reference to a Bailey concept found in such books as The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Alice A. Apparently, these included the writings of Alice Bailey: "Also found in his home were 12 volumes by Alice Bailey on telepathy and Cosmic Fire Works containing the prefatory Extract from a Statement by the Tibetan , generally taken to indicate the book was a "received" work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alice Ann Bailey. Manchester , England.

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anne elisabeth horoscopes Anne elisabeth horoscopes
anne elisabeth horoscopes Anne elisabeth horoscopes
anne elisabeth horoscopes Anne elisabeth horoscopes
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anne elisabeth horoscopes Anne elisabeth horoscopes

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